Rang 6

 The sixth class pupils wrote their own bullying poems

Here they are for you to read


Bullying by Rachel O Sullivan


You are a bully

You make me depressed,

You call me names

And that makes me stressed


 You are everywhere I go

I have nightmares in my sleep,

You make me notice

That my life is in a heap,


Before I met you

I was happy with my friends,

Now I realise

That I have to defend


If you are the bully

Reading this poem,

Then talk to yourself

And see what you’ve done!

By Rachel O Sullivan!



Bully, bully I hope you fret

 ‘Cos us children ain’t gonna forget!

 You pushed you kicked you called us names

 I bet you won’t do that again!

 We cried we screamed we felt depressed

 But not anymore because you see;

 Bully, bully you’re going to leave!

 By Emer O’ Donovan!!!


The Bullies by Ailish Creedon

They come out after eight,

They’re the ones that we hate ,

We don’t like them


The stole our pen ,

So, I suppose, we need

to get them


Spread the word,

About the bully herd 

By Ailish Creedon


Bullies by Patrick Fennell

Bullies make me want to scream and shout

I dont know what you talk about

You bully and hit me

When I get home I get into a fit

I dont want to go back to school 

I know Iwill be ridculed and made a fool

I don’t want to go back to school

Not until the bullies stop being cruel





  I hope you enjoy my story I wrote…..

Beat the bully.

Dear diary………

HI it is me Jo Jo again.

I have bad news,

I just got bullied in school for the first time.

I do not know what to do.

So I better find out what to do.

Dear dairy………

So I just got bullied again.

And I still don’t know what to do!

But if I do tell I will be called “Tell Tell Tatler”or Teachers Pet”

In School….

“Miss can I ask you a question?”

“Yes you may ask me a question?”

“What would you do if you got bullied?”

“I would tell, why”

“No I just got bullied”

“Well it is a good thing you came to me, What is his or her name?”


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